Bitcoin on the rise because of universal adoption

It is not surprising to see Bitcoin's price on the rise recently as it has been projected to set a new record this year. It is just a matter of time and 2018 is a great year for Bitcoin and many other strong tokens including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple or even Bitcoin Private and Verge - two of the best privacy coins on the market.

Many experts have expressed their concerns about the Bitcoin's volatility and bubble but they also admitted that blockchain technologies have proved its advantages in this economy. Moreover, Bitcoin and strong coins/ tokens are now being widely adopted and integrated as a form of payment together with traditional ones with lower fees. This proves an evidence that this digital currency will definitely be a currency of the future.

A number of high-profile endorsements from the financial world contributed significantly to the sudden rise of the Bitcoin price. For example: The new chief executive of US investment bank Goldman Sachs is reportedly interested in the market. Upon receiving his appointment, David Solomon said Goldman would be looking to add more bitcoin and cryptocurrency services in the future.

A giant hedge fund management firm BlackRock has been quietly building a taskforce to investigate the uses of bitcoin and blockchain in the market.

If you have been watching the Bitcoin price over the last 1-2 years, you must have been aware of the inconsistency of price changes between Bitcoin and altcoins. When Bitcoin price pumps, the price of altcoins dumps. However, there is one altcoin that will go alongside with the rise of Bitcoin, it is Bitcoin Private.

What if my guess was right, the price of Bitcoin will reach $30,000 by the end of this year and Bitcoin Private will hit at least $500? Let's wait and see...

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