Why Bitcoin Private Community Matters?

Being a supporter of the Privacy Movement led by the leading champion John McAfee, you must be amazed at what its community has done so far. Bitcoin Private has been co-forked from Bitcoin and Zclassic by a team of experts and supported of a huge community of more than 52,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000+ on telegram.

When big exchanges still hesitate to list Bitcoin Private, many people thought of a bad future for this coin to come, but that has not happened. Bitcoin Private has proven its strength and its applicability with a very detailed roadmap, bid team of developers, community supporters and most recently the support of John McAfee - the most influential person of the crypto market.

Among the factors that have made the Bitcoin Private a strong coin so far, the support of its community is crucial. Given the fact that if a token or coin is not listed by big exchanges, it will loose its value or even dead soon but the Bitcoin Private shows an apposite. It has not been listed on big exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Bithumb....the only exchange which can be a big one listing it is hitBTC.

The Bitcoin Private team is strong one who have been persistent with what was planned and their work have been rewarded by its community. The reward is evident with high volume of trading and price rise in recent weeks. While many strong coins/ tokens have seen an decrease in its price, the Bitcoin Private keeps rising.

Why? It is simple as the Bitcoin Private receives a great support from its community who have a strong belief that it will soon replace Bitcoin and become on of the best privacy coins. It is not all that Bitcoin Private can do.

Bitcoin Private Pay is an initiative that make Bitcoin Private a real currency. This project can help buyers and sellers pay their services and goods using Bitcoin Private in a secure and fast way.

If you are looking for a good coin to hold or invest in, Bitcoin Private can be a good one for consideration for a long term investment. As mentioned by McAfee in his short term price predictions, Bitcoin Private can reach $200 by the end of July.

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