Good Time to Buy in Strong Tokens

When you are reading this blog, you will not only see my reviews of ICO projects, but you will also see a lot of useful information on trading and investment. This information comes from my personal trading activities and observation and to some extents it can help you gain profits. BUT, you need to consider it carefully as this crypto market itself is volatile and in many cases it is a bubble.

This month seems a tough month for the whole market when we see most of tokens and coins are dumping and very few of them gain profits including Verge #XVG, #EOS #TRX, #GRS or #STORMJ. These tokens received a lot of support from its community and/or their team have been working hard to establish new partnerships or release new projects. This is very important as investors can't put their money in a dead tokens or tokens without any progress. Showing constant update to the community is the best way to pump the tokens and its value.

If you are looking at #NEO token chart at #Binance, you will see that it has been up and down within a day and it has repeated this trend for few days now. It shows that this is a strong token, otherwise it will dump seriously in the context of #Bitcoin "dead cross".

As a trader, the chart is a great opportunity to gain profits with the rule of "buy low, sell high" but in this dumping time, I personally think that buying to hold is the best strategy. Why?

First, #NEO and many other strong tokens have never been dumped so low like this time so you can double it now compared to few weeks ago with same budget.

Second, many experts believe that Bitcoin price dumps just because it is time for paying taxes in the U.S. so investors sell BTC to claim their taxes. When a lot of investors are selling BTC, its price must be down. But, it will go up very soon when they buy back.

Third, NEO has a big community and a strong ecosystem so reaching back to $150/token is something possible or even more.

In the same situation with NEO, ETH, BCH, ZEC or LTC is loosing its value due to the Bitcoin dumping as mentioned above, so if you want to own strong coins/ tokens. You must take actions now or you will not be able to get them when the market correction time is finished. It can be next week or earlier.

I hope this would help you sometimes!

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